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I have known Mike Fisher for 20 years and am fortunate to have the benefit of his on-going advice and guidance. The tailored pension plan Mike arranged for me has enabled the purchase of commercial property and investment in our constantly evolving global business. Mike set up and advises on the Toni & Guy staff pension scheme and is currently advising us on auto enrolment. I would recommend Mike to anyone.

Toni Mascolo OBE
MD, Toni & Guy

Pension, Investment and Inheritance Tax Specialist

Money is just a tool in a box. in the hands of a wealth management expert, it can be used to build something substantial, rewarding and long lasting. In the hands of the inexperienced it's more likely to just become a mess. As an Independent Financial Adviser, a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society I will help you take the stress and confusion out of your future financial planning.

Whether you are looking at a company pension scheme, making personal investments, managing a pension portfolio or considering your options at retirement, I'll provide constructive advice tailored towards your own goals and expectations.

My own reputation and integrity are both incredibly important to me. As a client, I want you to be happy not just with the end results, but the service, advice and explanation you receive along the way. From inside a large IFA corporate structure it is easy to lose the perspective of the client, from outside the view is always clearer and further reaching.

My main ethos, like my advice, is simple and straight to the point. Earn efficiently, spend safely and enjoy effortlessly. If you think that my fresh approach and long standing experience might work wonders for your wealth, why not    contact me for a free informal discussion to find out how.

Mike Fisher FPFS
Chartered Financial Planner

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